“My husband and I want you to know how much satisfaction we receive from the landscape you designed for us. We believe that of all the improvements we’ve made to our home it not only has added more dollar value, but also better living. It’s definitely the best investment we made in our home.”

–Cinda and Bob Kochen

“Paul’s design completely transformed the look and feel of the entrance to my home. It was an outstanding addition to our environment that allowed contemplation, play and beauty all at once, and  all year long. We simply loved it! And it was the tipping point for the sale of the home when we had to eventually move on. The buyers said the landscape sold them on the house, and in a tight market, this was a great help! I highly recommend treating yourself and family to a TurnburkeAssociates design to enhance your living space. The value is priceless!”

–Barb Colombo

“TurnburkeAssociates gets it. They understand what it takes to deliver a quality landscape product within the development budget. They are a hotel exterior’s best friend. Turnburke not only helped with the exterior landscape design scheme and plant selections, they assisted in the selection of pool furniture, trash receptacles, planters/urns and lighting.

These are items that are often overlooked by hotel developers, yet they have a huge impact on a guest’s first impression of the hotel. Whether you’re a first time developer or seasoned veteran, TurnburkeAssociates can add significant value to your project. ”

–Gary C. Mills, President, Gary C. Mills Hotels L.L.C.

“Turnburke Associates took the time to understand our aesthetics instead of simply imposing their vision on our landscape.  They came up with a fresh design that connected our house to its natural mountain setting.  When the work was finished, our fairly new house was suddenly at home in the forest.”

Dan & Marylou Harrison

“Even after working with you for years, Janet,  I’m once again totally impressed with your design, your passion, and your high standards. You’re truly the best!”

–Robert G. Schaedle III, President, Chartwell Hospitality

I just finished creating a family portrait on the boulder seating area you designed.  It turned out awesome and my clients loved it.  Your Landscape design for my outdoor studio is just great.  Thanks again for sharing your expertise and wisdom.”

–Cheryl Wiles, Artist i Photography